Saturday, 16 February 2013

Weekend thoughts

My mind in snippets....

I spoke to my boy's teacher at the end of yesterday and said what I thought had happened... she said 'that makes sense'. I do like her, and one of the assistants; just the one that sends me around the bend. I might accidentally have let his teacher know though, although I hope not. I work with his teacher's sister in law, and she takes keen interest in my boy; as I do her daughter - who is now at Uni. She asked how he was doing on Fri morning, and I told her I wasn't happy and why! She won't go out of her way to say anything, but you know how these things end up happening.

I need to refer you to a fantastic post I've read this week; one of those I shall print out and have pinned up in our house. Quick go read An Adopters Manifesto across at The boy's behaviour if you haven't read it yet, and whilst you are there; have a good look at the Weekly Adoption Shout out.

Still waiting for paperwork from LA for second adopter; it's possible that our social worker's plan won't pan out. Not surprised. Not worried. When it happens, it will happen, the timing will be right for us.

My sister is just starting her homestudy. That's all I'm saying on that at the moment.

Half term is here.... I love it as a teacher, but boy-o craves and needs routine. It could end up being a long week. We only have two real fixed plans at the moment... need to come up with something for the other three days.

I'm 36 very soon. Very, very soon. I didn't give up celebrating my birthday when I turned 30, in fact I very determinedly celebrated it the following year. But it's all still wrapped up in emotion, and I'd sooner it was past.

Life is full of interesting happenings... Church, school, pre-school, Brownies, family. Too much going on, not enough time to devote to any of them really. Each day comes, stuff happens, and it passes.


Vicki Theboysbehaviour said...

Aw, you are an angel, thanks for sharing my blog post with your readers, and also for sharing the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, we're so pleased you link up.

Hope you have a good half term and a very happy birthday xx

DrSpouse said...

Just saw your comment on my blog and wanted to wish you a happy birthday back!