Thursday, 28 February 2013

2 years as a family of 3

2 years ago today I posted this...

'We went to the adoption agency offices this morning to plan out the next couple of weeks. We had some formal stuff to go through, and promises of reports and life story book came from boy-o's social worker, but both us and his foster mum wonder whether it will actually happen. We have planned our meetings with boy-o until next Tues. Because the foster mum has other children, one of whom is having an operation next Wed, we are having a review meeting next Tues, and then will plan from that point!

Having done that this morning, this afternoon we actually meet boy-o. He started off shy, and not at all happy, but gradually he started to come round a bit. After about 20mins, he ended up looking at the book I made whilst sitting on my lap - which I have to say was a truly amazing experience, not having a little boy sitting on my lap, but the fact that this is our little son.

We built towers of stacking cups and knocked them down. He spent time emptying my handbag. He spent time with M, again sitting on his lap looking at the book, but also playing with other toys. We looked at the photo of our dog, and decided that dogs go 'woof'.

When we left boy-o said 'Good bye' and 'see you'. And it's nice to know that in the morning, we will spend more time with him.

I can't explain how happy I feel right now, and I know that I will grow to love this character, who does everything at one speed (fast) and wants to explore and investigate.'

And that last sentence was so true... I did grow to love him, faster than either I or M could believe. He still does everything at that one speed and still wants to explore and investigate. He has learnt so much (and we have learnt so much) over the last two years... it has been an amazing roller coaster  good times and bad times, but so, so worth it. I adore the fact that he's is ours and we are his. 

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Amber said...

That must have been a really good reminder to go back and read that post about meeting your son for the first time. Congrats on your little boy and being his mommy for 2 years now!