Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Adoption support networks

Just a really, really quick post... just to remind me that it feels good sometimes.

This evening I have been to the adoption support group and have come home buzzing, because it's so wonderful to meet with like minded people and talk through the day/week/month's issues. I got to sit and chat to all sorts of people, from those who I count as friends because we've been in each other's lives for what seems like forever (really less than 2 years?) and we have adopted children, people who have just adopted, and people in the preparation stages.

I love the contacts that the web brings forth, and the support network here, and the immediacy of it. But I do also love the support group and the chat and talks that we have there... plus I can phone some of these people up at 2 o'clock in the morning, and they wouldn't find it odd.

I have some amazing friends outside of adoption, but there are some things that only a few of them would get, but that all the friends I've seen tonight would get instantly.

And as an aside... I owe the two friends who made it possible for me to go to adoption support tonight instead of another meeting a huge drink each - sometime I will get to go out with them again!

And best of all, I got some ideas of how to get across to school why boy-o is chewing so much at the moment... hurrah!


Vicki Theboysbehaviour said...

Support is vital isn't it. I haven't yet found any real life adopters that I can connect with, but am amazed at the amount of support I've found online.

It's great you have found both online and real life support.

Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out xx

Sarah Hill said...

#so wonderful that you get to go to a group and find people who will understand the things you are going through. This group sounds great.

Thanks for linking up with the weekly Adoption Shout Out.