Friday, 22 February 2013


So back in Nov we phoned up our adoption agency and said 'we're ready to start the process for a second child'. We knew that we would have to wait until after Christmas for anything to happen....

We had a visit from a social worker 5 weeks ago. It was our old social worker so she was honest and straightforward with us, and very much gave us the impression that the paper work would follow soon.

So here we are 5 weeks later, waiting for that paperwork....

And the reason, those magic targets made by the government. 8 months from enquiring until approval, except enquiring is getting that form sent off back to them. The longer they delay on sending the form, the easier it is for them.

I know that there are families already in the system, that they need to try to push through - but it's so frustrating .. we could be approved within 3 months, and have a child out of the care system not much longer after that. Instead we are waiting because the social workers are too busy meeting their targets with those that have already had the form.

So as generally happens when the government sets targets, things happen so slowly in the beginning, so that the waiting times during the time that counts is shorter!

There are a lot of children waiting to be adopted within our area at the minute - it's one of those areas on the map that shows over 48 children... speaking to one of the social workers we've been told the actual figure is twice that. Which is why it's so frustrating to be waiting for some paper to come through the post so that we can start again!


HexagonalPatchwork said...

I know how completely and annoyingly frustrating waiting for the bits of paper to come through is..

We have just started our journey and are now having the mounds of paper sent to us, but at least it means a step forwards.

Hopefully you'll get your paper work through soon x

Shelby said...

That is beyond frustrating and disheartening! That's precious time that families need to be together. I'm sorry. Bureaucracy, ugh. Hoping this process picks up very soon for you.

I've also been reading too about your little one's nursery school difficulties and hoping that he gets more settled soon.

Here from ICLW!

Elana said...

That's such a pain! You should be able to go over to the agency and just pick up the paperwork if they're too busy to send it. That's completely not fair to you guys. Fingers crossed that it comes soon! (here from ICLW)

thewritemama said...

Hi from ICLW. I just checked out your blog and really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your little boy and upcoming adoption!!

rainsthoughts said...

Our paperwork for #2 is taking forever! We started our homestudy back in October and we're still waiting on some of the paperwork to be finalized! I share your frustration!

I hope everything moves quickly from here on in.