Thursday, 24 January 2013


This week, is one to remember... it's been interesting. Snow and small boys mix really well. Tiredness and small boys not so much!

Monday everywhere was shut due to the snow, so we went to the community centre at Church, met up with friends and their children. We did some preparation work for Brownies, we had lunch, the children played. The children played some more; actually it was lovely, we had 12 children aged from 9months to 9years playing nicely with each other.

The snow did make things more interesting; we are reduced to one car on the road - the other has spent most of the week at the bottom of our sloping drive with 6 inches of snow on it! The car that is running has winter tyres on it. It has meant getting boy-o to the childminder before going to work has been more difficult than normal... I've been dropping M and him off in the village at 7.10 in the morning, to walk the rest of the way.

Today we met up with our favourite adoptive family... we went to a local play place and the boys had an amazing time. I spent a couple of hours talking to my friend, and we both allowed ourselves to get excited about the possiblility of number 2 - she has the same doubts and concerns as me. But we both know if it's meant to be, it will be.

Tomorrow is boy-o's eye test at the hospital. He hates it, and I hate it. He hates it because it hurts, I hate it because it hurts him. I'm hoping we'll get some answers though, why hasn't his eyesight improved?

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Jessah said...

Sounds like you do get quite a bit of snow. I think it is wonderful that you adopted and hope that number 2 comes easily for you!