Friday, 25 January 2013

A day out of time...

I'm still laughing over Demeter's comment on my post earlier in the week... just in case you didn't pick it up this is someone we know and love - and her L is just a few weeks younger than boy-o. Oh, and she is also expecting an addition to her family, in a different way to ours mind you.

Demeter said...
We had a conversation with L about you also having a second child. I tried to explain that not all families are made by growing a baby in your tummy.
Her response was that "so sometimes you grow one and sometimes, it is like Dumbo and you get one brought and your mummy looks after you just the same?"

So what I think my daughter is saying is that you are a crazy elephant :)

So there we are - forever fixed in minds as an elephant....thanks for that L

 Today we have had a family day.... nobody did the usual things today. I didn't go to work, today M didn't go to work, and boy-o didn't do school nursery. Instead we went to the adoption toddler group and then the hospital this afternoon.

The group this morning was fab, full of people that I know, both from when we went regularly and from adoption support group. It was lovely to see people that I've got to know through the process with their children. It was even nicer to see those people that I relied on for support in the early days. I was able to have conversations about second time adoptions, and know I'd get support.

Even better, the social worker that was their this morning, was the one who we visited last week. When I was talking about it - and someone asked if we were on a roll, I looked at her, and she said 'yes, you're on a roll.' And in parting, she said she'd see us soon.... fingers crossed.

This afternoon was better than expected and worse than expected. The drops went in his eyes better than last time, he didn't complain as much. It worked, his eyes were checked. There was no big change in his eyesight; no reason for his sight not improving. He's been referred to have his optical nerve checked.... I'm not sure that I'm entirely happy over that.


mommy someday said...

Stopping by from ICLW!

Azara said...

Good luck with your little one's testing.

That crazy elephant thing made me laugh! A great way for a child to think of it.

Visiting from ICLW.