Thursday, 10 February 2011

an evening out...

I'm sitting here shortly before midnight on a Thursday evening with tears running down my face. Not because something bad has happened - oh no, because the unbelievable seems to be about to happen.

Earlier on this evening, as I sat chatting to Michael it suddenly occurred to me, that this evening, something amazing was happening. This evening I have been out with some colleagues from work - my friends - and we have celebrated that I am leaving work in just over a week!

I'm actually starting to believe that this will happen. That after 8 1/2 years I will actually be a Mum and M will become Dad.

I've celebrated and relaxed with some of the people who have supported me over the last few years - and some newer friends. I've celebrated with people who have stood where I have, and have had the same outcomes and have had relationships split up. I've celebrated with younger people who are still to commit to relationships. But they were all happy for us, and I have had an enjoyable evening, and spent time with some lovely people.


C said...

Am so happy for you!


Gil said...

While I don't comment much, I've been following along with your story and I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for your good news. I'm so happy for you. The upcoming week(s) will be amazing, I just know it! Much love and many prayers as you are about to realize the dream you've held for so long!

Emily said...

I wish I could celebrate with you too. Ill raise a glass to you and your family tonight.


Julia said...

I often wonder if I appreciate the gift of becoming a parent enough. For someone like you, the pain you've experienced to get to the place you are--knocking on the door of parenthood, acutely aware of the long journey and privilege of being a mum! What joy must be filling your heart!