Sunday, 27 February 2011

a week gone...

I meant to update daily this past week.... I failed. But I've had a good week, seeing friends, and sharing time with them!

Tuesday involved a meal out with some dear friends from Church. They have seen me through some tough times and tears. Equally I have seen some of them through tough times!

Wednesday involved... having my feet nibbled by fish with two amazing friends. We met, we had our feet done, we had coffee, we went shopping (briefly) and we still had things to say.... and I talk to these two people regularly.
Thursday was a running around day; went to drop work off at school, and having my hair done.

Friday was spent with another selection of friends - my infertile friends, except looking at us soon, you wouldn't know that. 2 of them now have two children, and the other one has one... and soon so will I. I was spoilt, loved and looked after, plus given some lovely things for boy-o.

I've had some moments of shear panic this week. What if I can't do this, what if everything goes wrong? What if I've forgotten something major. This evening having cleaned my house, fitted the car seat, and produced a book for boy-o introducing our house, I'm calm. There is nothing I can do now, this is it. Tomorrow we meet our son!


Demeter said...

Good luck! Not that you need it. Your son is so lucky to have such an amazing forever family.

Emily said...

I think you have been nesting! Im so excited and please update when you get a second. I have warm fuzzy feelings for you and your family.

Deathstar said...

It sounds like your life is going to become quite exciting very soon! Enjoy the little moments and take lots of pics! (of course!)


C said...

Good Luck...So very happy for you!

PS: I went for one of those fish spa sessions...WOW! I actually enjoyed, and my feet were looking so good afterwards