Wednesday, 22 January 2014

5 months...

Poor Jelly doesn't often get a look in on the blog...boyo dominates. I promise it isn't that way in real life! But today 5 months since he moved in is a good time to reflect on the littlest member of our family. 

Back in Aug he was still learning to walk, today he was running around the house chasing boyo, the dog or me. 

In Aug he was relatively quiet...he's been here for 5 months, if I can't hear him, I wonder what h's doing. He has started talking, his first recognisable word was his big brothers name.

5 months ago, we didn't know how two boys who were used to living as single children would cope...ummm, they run circles round us, continuously. Jelly hates taking boyo to school, he loses his playmate/tormentor/victim.

He came to us as a baby, and is now a toddler. He has his likes and dislikes, and is not afraid of letting us know. He knows his mind.

He adores going out for walks and been carried either in the back lack or the sling, but he now wants to walk as well as be carried.

He is a complete monkey, and will wind us all up...he adores buttons, and presses any he can get to...thank goodness my washing machine is behind a closed door! 

We can vaguely remember life before Jelly, mostly that it contained more sleep...but none of us would be without him, apart from the dog...they are not friends!


iswizz said...

Lovely post! Not sure how you will feel about Jelly 'pushing your buttons' in a few years' time :)

Suddenly Mummy said...

Lovely to hear how Jelly is settling in, growing and changing :-)