Thursday, 16 January 2014


At the moment we are waiting...

Waiting for the community paedriciation appointment, as the acute paedriciation feels it would be better for boyo to be seen at a different place - I don't disagree! But know we are starting from point 1 again with someone who doesn't know him

Waiting for occupational health and physiotherapy appointments..they are supposed to be assessing his motor skills possibly looking towards a diagnosis of dyspraxia.

Waiting for CAHMS to decide whether to assess him or whether he is too young.

Waiting for a decision on DLA, so we can work out what I need to work next academic year, before seeing the head! 

Waiting for the Ed pysch to see him at school, and look at starting the statementing process...or it's replacement, no-one seems sure yet. 

And...finally...we are waiting for a moving date, because we didn't think we had enough going on so decided to move as well...Okay the house has been on the market for a while, and we have found a house with bigger rooms, and most importantly a bigger back garden...which was why I wanted to move! 

So life at the moment is a waiting some point before my adoption leave runs out hopefully things will resolve themselves and we will have answers! 

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Gem LifeWithKatie said...

That's a lot of waiting. It must feel interminable.i hope things start to move soon, literally in your case.