Thursday, 28 June 2012

signs of improvement...

I wrote a long blog post the other day and saved it to drafts to think about... well I've thought about it and decided to leave it where it is! I would only follow up with this, I will be removing a few posts over the next few weeks, I have reasons, many and varied for it, but I will be doing a clear up!

This week has been been busy and frantic; and at the same time boy-o seems to have relaxed some more - that will of course have blown it. When M picked him up from his childminder's on Tue boy-o said he was tired...he had a little tea and then agreed to go to bed without any fuss. By 6.15 he was asleep - no arguments or tantrums about it.

Yesterday I picked him up from the childminders (he has tea there on a Wed) and we came home talking about his friends; he was able to tell me some names, and when I suggested others he thought about it and said 'sometimes' 'no' and 'yes' to what I was saying. We played outside with bubbles when we got home, and spent some time kicking a ball around. He was a complete delight to be with.

This morning, he was a happy and jolly and kept coming for cuddles whilst I was doing jobs, then going back to play. He didn't need to be entertained for the entire time.

Small signs of progress - but signs never the less!

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