Thursday, 21 June 2012


So I still haven't managed to blog about my evening learning about Theraplay, or the results of our holiday... but I need to blog today's happenings before I forget detail. The others should hopefully follow.

We spent the afternoon with two of boy-o's brothers; the ones that we have met before. They are twins who are about 14months older than boy-o. We met at a soft play place, where they were able to play and their Mum and I were able to talk. I have a photo of their meeting this time, which last time I was so nervous I didn't... I also have Mum's mobile number stored on my phone, so we can connect easier.

Their Mum and I were both shocked at how much like the elder twin, boy-o is. In looks, character and abilities. There was one moment where the three of them were in a dark corner, and a loud noise emerged... we couldn't see who it was; whether it was twin S or boy-o. Apparently boy-o and twin S are both noisy and make similar noises. They are both active, and jump around a lot. They actually look more alike than the twins do - although twin S is a little taller.

They don't have gorgeous curly hair, like my boy - and they are blond, boy-o isn't. They have blue eyes - boy-o doesn't. But you line them up and you can see that they are closely related! All three of them wear glasses - although twin J's eye's aren't as bad as the other two.

Boy-o came home and chattered about them, we told them in the holiday we will go to the park. Boy-o has decided he will take his big ball and play with twin J. He's going to go on the slide with twin S! He has it planned.

It was lovely to see them and their Mum, it was lovely to chat over some things. It was nice to be able to share about birth mum and our meeting with her, as their mum wasn't given the opportunity. We talked for a couple of hours, and the boys played, with each other and not. I couldn't see boy-o at one point and twin J went off to find him, and brought him back. It was a lovely moment, just like when we said good bye, I got a hug from twin J!

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