Saturday, 20 April 2013

Park support

I know I've written about it before, but I am going to state it again, I am so glad that we have adoptive family meet ups in parks - and yes I know I organise them, but I'm always grateful when people turn up.

My co-organiser and her children were the first there apart from us today - so I was able to talk to her about 2nd time adoptions, and the fact we have a panel date, and the fact that our social worker is determined that we will be doing approval and matching on the same day.

We were joined by other families - some that I know really well, and some that I don't know as well. But it's a magic thing, being with other adoptive families, families that get it, and understand. Families that are as excited by the fact boy-o is getting his support at school as I am. One even cheered when I said that they were getting the early years intervention team involved, which means he will start reception on the SEN register. Oddly enough, I haven't told other school mum's about the intervention.

There is a reassurance offered within our group - someone who comes to support group but whose child was placed just 5 weeks ago, was able to come and be with familiar faces and be told - 'it's okay, yes it's hard but you are doing okay'.

It's a special thing our support - and knowing that I can phone some of these people up and talk things through is an amazing thing.


Vicki TBB said...

You are very lucky to have such a wonderful support group around you. They sound amazing.

And all the best for your approval/matching panels. Exciting news :-)

Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

Sarah Hill said...

Wow I can't almost imagine what it's like to have real people that have adopted children to talk to, so much of my support is on line. Brilliant if you've organised this and recognised the need for it.
Thank you for sharing on the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

Fiona Ferguson said...

I used to love meeting up with other adopted families , they totally get where your coming from , it's great to be honest and get an honest answer ,keep up the friendships they will last for years