Saturday, 1 June 2013

Why I blog...

Again this week, I faced a 'ummm' moment about blogging and why I blog - I'm not going into why I had the moment, but felt it was time to reflect on the blogging aspect again.

My blog has always been my space; the place where I empty my head and heart without driving M round the bend. That means that what is written is written because at the moment I am writing it, it needs to come out of my head. That those thoughts and feelings need to be put down and thought about, because there comes a point when M can't just listen anymore and needs (man like) to start fixing...

I don't blog to have a huge following - although comments are always nice. I know people read my blog, a few are real-life friends, most are people I've 'met' through the internet, some through infertility and more recently through adoption. It's wonderful to share, but first and foremost this is my space - my spot on the internet - and most people who read would pass me on the street and not know that I am that blogger.

It is wonderful to read others stories, to hear - yes, us too - as you go through another moment. In adoption there are moments that sometimes only people educated in adoption issues would get - therefore it's good to share those stories; and hear others ideas. That is one of the reasons I share.

But to bring this round again - this is my space, if you have read something here that upsets you, or you have read something here that that I might not have told you...this is my space to empty to my head. Nothing is written with any intention of causing hurt, it is just written to empty my head.

And yet this week, I considered walking away  - and in all honesty I might still do that.

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Nic said...

Your blog has opened me up to an aspect of motherhood that I knew nothing about and I thankyou for that. In turn it has allowed me to pass information onto others.
There's a saying commonly used in the public arena ' if what I do makes difference to just one person then it will all be worth it'
I know you have & I think it is however, the thin veil of anonymity must be respected. We all need a quiet place to empty our heads otherwise they'll explode (medically proven!)