Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas has been and gone...

I had to laugh when I was talking to my friend this week... she has brought me a gorgeous notepad and pen for Christmas. This is so, (she explained) that when I can't blog something, I can write it down and blog it later... I will put it somewhere obvious so that I can use it so.

Christmas was too busy, and therefore too much fallout. But because most of the time was spent with people he isn't fully confident with we saved fallout for home.

We started by seeing his foster carers; the weekend before Christmas; as always he loved it, they loved it, we all loved it. But he always struggles a little with those visits - but it's so worthwhile doing. Especially as he brought their present little foster girl out of her shell, and they ended up scattering jigsaws, games and toys all over the kitchen floor. They were delighted because they hadn't seen the girl play with such joy before. We spent time talking about them when we got home, reminded boy-o that he is staying with us, that we might visit them, but he's not going back.

The Sunday brought Santa Express with our friends. We go to a lovely quiet Santa Express, and we got seats just behind the engine, which all the boys loved. It was a good afternoon, and we went back to the friends house afterwards and the boys got to play more.

On Christmas Eve we went to a party at a friends house... it's a house that boy-o is familiar with, and we only went because I knew that nobody there would judge us if we left early... as it was he was happy joining in as much as the next youngest child. And everyone there (bar one family) knows us, and knows him, so he was happy being gorgeous.

Christmas day, was in parts magically, and in parts awful. We didn't wake up until 7.30; and he sat on our bed with his stocking and unwrapped presents. We went to Church, and he took a toy to show off, and then refused to do so. We came home opened presents, went to my parents had a meal. Came home and went to bed. Missing out the strops, tantrums, tears, shouting and the rest.

Boxing day we went to M's sisters - which was lovely as he got to play with this cousins. The following day we went for a walk.

We had spent lots of time dealing with an out of control three year old, or possibly dis regulated. He has struggled, and it has been made worse because he's not been well. He's not caught up on all the sleep he needed to, because he's been awake on average 3 hours in the middle of each night. Needless to say - we also haven't caught up on all our sleep.

We have had a lovely time really, lots of family time, lots of good things. And whilst it not been easy, to be honest it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it might me.

and now - we sit staring at the end of 2012, there are many posts I should have written - there will be many more that I should write and don't. Hopefully sometime later this week I will write again about the possibilities of 2013 - and there are some. 

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