Monday, 30 April 2012

in the planning...

This week looks like it could be a little busy; today has been! Not that I mind - it's all good stuff or work!

I'm very excited about two things... one is a little project that I am in the process of setting up - sorting out the finer details. The other thing, my parents are moving from where they presently live 7 hours away to somewhere that I can walk to in about 30mins! I'm very excited and happy about both these things....

My little project - except it's not mine, it's a joint venture, is the setting up of a weekend group for adoptive children and their parents. I had a meeting today with another adoptive mum (who I admire no end) and we talked possibilities; and by the end of the hour we realised that we were both very passionate about similar things. We'd also planned the first 3 meet ups! It's a trial, it needs more work, but for the moment we have somewhere to start!

We both have jobs to do to organise it; we both have roles to play in this happening. But it is something that I need and my boy needs so much, that I am convinced that I will find time to squeeze it in. After all - I'm not getting much sleep at the minute anyway!

That's it for now - I still have lessons to plan for this week. I still have a million things on my to-do like; I may have added more today; but it feels good to have a plan!

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