Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ssssh, don't tell...

Because we had a voucher to spend, we've brought a present for a child.... we hope it will be a second birthday present.

Because ours and boy-o's social workers are visiting this week, we've been out and brought some safety things today; cupboard locks etc.

Because I had to buy some birthday presents for my friends children, we went to a toy shop today, and fell in love with a teddy bear. It's sitting upstairs in our empty bedroom.

I hope, hope, hope so much that this week we will have our meeting and boy-o's social worker will like us and think that we will be a good family for boy-o.

Oh.... and we sent some questions to our social worker to pass on to his. We were worried about this, but our social worker replied to my email with a lovely response, 'Excellent questions, very well thought through. I have forwarded them on to boy-o's social worker.'

Let it be wednesday quickly.... please.


Emily said...

One little teddy bear is harmless. Every child needs one. Im hoping that very soon, you feel entitiled to buy a whole lot of things.

Emily said...

Anything new?