Friday, 10 December 2010

Can't stop smiling....

Sorry Emily! I couldn't update until today....

After the visit on Wed, we were promised a phone call yesterday.... spent the whole day on tenderhooks and heard nothing. However today, just before lunch (whilst the student teacher was teaching my lesson) I happened to check my emails - to discover an email!

Boy-o's social worker is happy to go with us. Matching panal is booked for Feb - we will meet him at the end of Feb. Got some meetings to do over the next couple of months... Medical Advisor, foster parents, his mum's social worker. But we can't stop smiling.

Boy-o's name is a lovely old fashioned name; one that I really like. It's in fact my brother's name. Which is why I shall continue to call him boy-o.... my brother grow up with 2 sisters and 4 female cousins - no other boys. My Grandad always called him boy-o... and it's something that we all picked up. It's a long time since I thought of it, but it seemed right to give our little boy a nickname (for the blog) that really meant something to me. You have to think of it being said with a real Yorkshire accent.

More information to follow.... of that have no doubt!


Barely Sane said...

That is awesome news!! Congrats!!
I bet the next few months fly by in the blink of an eye.

Emily said...

Im going to go ahead and not agree with the last comment, I think the next couple of months will drag on forever! sorry to say it, but once he is there you will wish you had even more time to prepare. Its hard to explain, but you will see what I mean. So pleased for you and your family. We want all the details.