Monday, 7 June 2010

home (visit) again!

We've just had our third homestudy visit... and I was debating putting some pictures up from last week's holiday but that can wait until later in the week. I have to some major catching up to do; no internet access for a week - leaves me debating just pressing the 'read all' button on my reader list!

In our home study visit today we finished off talking about my family, which took most of the 2 hours!!!! I got to talk about how my parents met, and what it was like growing up with them and my brother and sister. I got to talk about how my brother's issues effected life (ADHD and dyslexic). I got to talk about my relationship with my sister; and how that has effected me over the years. In fact I did a lot of talking....

I also spoke about my granparent's adopted daughter - I never met her, she moved Australia when my mum was 18, and never managed to visit. She died from cancer in her 50's. I had to write notes when I spoke to Mum about whys, dates, wheres etc, because to us she has always been one of those mythical people - someone that we know about; but I can't say I know her. I met her husband once, he came to the UK to visit when I was about 20. But it was interesting to hear mum talk about her, and to be able to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge.

We also started talking about education - which will be picked up next week. M and I have very different stories when it comes to schooling. I went to lots of primary schools, a fee paying secondary school followed by a state secondary school. Michael went to 3 schools - a first, a middle and an upper school. All within walking distance of his home - in fact all within walking distance of our home - although the first and middle school are now primary schools!

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