Monday, 14 June 2010

home visit 4

I do like our social worker... even though she was late today! I like the fact that she seems genuinely interested in what we think and do - and yes I know that she gets paid for that, but still. I like the fact that she understands and even respects where we are coming from in terms of the age ranges that we are looking at. I really like the fact that she is honest about how hard it is going to be.

In today's visit we talked about our education, finishing off from last week. And then we talked about employment; what jobs we had, why we'd done different jobs. And we talked generally about the future, what we planned to do when a child/ren are placed with us, and how we would cope financially. We also started to talk about how we might cope emotionally.

And that's it - we talked for over 1 hr 30mins, but that is really all that we covered... because we started off we me asking questions, could she send a letter to school (employment check & reference) before July, whether we could move an appointment, and when she thought approval panel might be - end of Oct/beginning of Nov... which might seem like a long time off, but fits in with our 'approved to adopt' before Christmas plan.


Glass Case of Emotion said...

Hello there. I am just moving on from the world of IVF and miscarriage to adoption. And I feel excited about it. Just wanted to wish you the best on the process. I found you through stirrup queens. :)


Kristin said...

Yay for a great home visit, a wonderful social worker, and forward progress in the adoption process.


Waiting Lisa said...

I really like our social worker too. We are coming up on needing to renew our homestudy again and seeing her again is the only bright spot.

Good luck to you!!