Thursday, 21 March 2013

Parent's evening

We had parent's evening this evening with boy-o's teacher at school. And we said all sorts of positive things, and talked about all sorts of useful things. And I left happy....

Not because he is doing amazingly well at school - he's not, he is below the appropriate level in everything - he's just turned four, and in the majority of the measures used, he is at 24 months... some things he's at 18-24 months, and some things he's at 24-36 months. Listening/concentration he is further behind in, but she agreed with us, that part of it, is hypervigilance, a need to know what is happening.

BUT... and what a big but this is for us;

He is making progress in all areas.

He is getting better in all areas.

He is making friends and playing with them.

And his teacher (& key worker) understands him, gets him and works with us.

He will start reception next year on the special needs register... what level is still being discussed. Mainly for physical issues; but the assessment will be on all the levels where he is seriously behind his peers.

He will have additional support; the teachers he moves on to, will have documented evidence of who he is, and what he is doing.

But more - and my fellow adoptive parents will understand this... she has promised us, that she will check in on him daily in September, and continue to check in on him routinely. It has taken 6 months for him to trust the staff that he is presently with, and she doesn't want that link broken. She knows he won't transfer that trust as easily as some children, and wants to make sure he is okay.

I can't tell you how wonderful it felt. To talk to this educator; and have her appreciate what he has dealt with, and to appreciate what he needs to move on. She understands why it is important that he moves on with his friends, and will oppose any idea that the two nursery classes should be mixed. She says it has taken him a while to get to grips with it all, but that he is thriving at nursery school.

And I am happy.


Vicki TBB said...

They get it. You found some that really get it! You hold on tight and don't let go!

Seriously, it's fantastic that he's making progress and friends, and that you have found a supportive person who really seems to understand.

Thanks for sharing with #WASO x

Mumdrah said...

Wow. Can we all come to your school. What a relief - well, as much relief as is possible. How well they are doing on paper in all the targets means nothing beside how well they are getting on emotionally. The latter is the key to the former anyway.

Seems you are both happy, getting more happy. Finding your way: awesome news! Mx

Sarah Hill said...

So good to hear a positive report regarding dealings with school. I know there are schools out there that get it and care but rarely hear about the good.
I long ago decided the measure of my childrens' success was in their progress and it feels good when you hear they are taking steps in the right direction.

Thanks for Sharing on the weekly adoption shout out.

NewPyjamaMummy said...

brilliant news - that he is making progress and brilliant news that he is in the right place for him and brilliant news that the professionals working with him understand him and the gaps he still needs to have filled. stay there - and enjoy the leaps and the back filling that will happen with this support
brilliant news

theonehandman said...

This is great to hear. I often find it strange when parents compare their children with early milestones. Who cares if the child gets up and walks at seven weeks or seven years, the point, as you have made is that progress is being made. Great news on the school - well done to all.

theonehandman said...
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Lindsay said...

So nice to hear! I'm with you; who cares if he's behind, progress is progress and that's all that matters. And those Hang on to them! Thanks for such positive news:)