Tuesday, 13 March 2012

a year...

what an amazing year!

This time last year we were running around in a blind panic trying to make sure that we had thought of everything.

This time last year we were so happy (still are) thinking about bringing boy-o home the next year.

This time last year we had no idea of what life was going to be

This time last year we had hopes and dreams

This year - my boy is fast asleep in his bed

This year we are happy thinking about the joy that is boy-o

This year we know what life with boy-o is like (tiring a lot of the time)

This year we know that having a son was everything that we dreamt of and more besides.

I wouldn't change it. It has been horrid and difficult and amazing and wonderful.

It is better than we hoped and worse than we dreaded

He is our son. He is absolutely our boy. Even when he is in the middle of his worst strop I wouldn't change it. I adore that boy; and this evening when I put him to bed and I got an extra cuddle and he told me he loved me - just because; I realised that he is more than I could ever have expected.

Happy one year to us. Happy one year as a mummy, daddy and son. Roll on the next year - and the ones after that.


Demeter said...

Love you all and so happy for you!

Emily said...

Happy 1 year little family.