Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cake Bites....

I quite randomly decided last night that I really wanted to make some Cake pops, but of course there were things I had to do this morning, and none of it involved going anywhere near a shop that sells lollipop sticks.... so I've made Cake Bites today!

M and my sister have sampled and said, 'They are something else' (M) and 'I like that' (sister!). Tomorrow is their big test.... going to my friends with some; I'll need to know how long they last after her boys and husband get home.

I made 4 different flavours...
1. plain with jam and milk chocolate to cover
2. plain, coconut with lemon curd, and white chocolate and citrus sprinkles to cover
3. chocolate, covered with milk chocolate and hundred and thousands
4. chocolate with white chocolate drops, covered with milk chocolate and a snowie on top to identify them

I crumbled up my cakes (okay, this time I brought them, but next time I'll bake), added binding agents, (the plain cake I added buttercream icing and jam or lemon curd - the chocolate ones got buttercream icing and chocolate!). Having done this, I rolled into balls, put into the fridge for 30mins (would do longer next time) and covered!

Sadly no photos of producing them.... but photo of finished product... although not a very clear one! I might try harder next time to get decent photos on the way through, but this really was a trial.


mag said...

Oh my gosh, those sound wonderful! I do cake decorating on the side, mostly just to cheer up coworkers or my family. Love love LOVE cake :) I keep seeing the cake pops everywhere, but now I'm convinced I need to try them.

I'm visiting from ICLW (#80) - it's nice to meet you!

Jen said...

ooh yum! I have not had good luck making cake pops/bites. They always fall apart on me. Yours look lovely though!

I've just read a few posts, but I love hearing how you are settling in to life with boy-o. Looking forward to catching up on your journey to life with him

Popping in from LFCW, I'm near you on the list!

C said...

Those look really good. Thanks for sharing!

Visiting from ICLW

Sarah S said...

Oh My goodness!!! Those look so yummy!!!!!

Jenny said...

mm yummy those looks AWESOME!! :D I think uh... Starbucks? Sells something like those on a stick! I don't really wanna try one though cause their food sucks.

Kristin said...

Ooooh, those look and sound amazing! Yum yum!

ICLW #10

St Elsewhere said...

That looks delicious!

Congratulations on adopting the little boy! Enjoy parenting. It must be such a breath of fresh air!

Be well, nh!

iclw #36

Caroline said...

They did not last the evening - I'd say that says it all!!


Babylicious said...

Popping in from ICLW but I think yours might be the last blog I comment on tonight...because now I need to go find something resembling cake bites. RIGHT NOW!

Btw--congrats!!! I'm looking forward to following your new adventures!


You're making me hungry! LOL Also loved your Frederick Buechner quote in the sidebar. Visiting from ICLW (#26).

M said...

Yum, those look delicious!

ICLW #128

Damita said...

Yummy!!! Love those, I've always wanted to give them ago :)


Krissi said...

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