Tuesday, 1 March 2011

day 2 of intros

We got to spend more time with boy-o today. We went across this morning, and played for a couple of hours with him. He was more confident today, and although went to foster dad when we went in, he very soon calm to see us, and emptied my handbag again.

We've had his toy box emptied all over the floor today, and played with all sorts of things that he has. He also emptied the other little boy's toy box, and climbed in and on. He wants to explore and is full of confidence, but isn't dangerous with it. Having said that, M and I both wonder how long it will be before he ends up at A&E with broken bones.

We got to stay and watch him have lunch, which vanished quickly, and how his foster mum puts him down for a nap - very matter of fact with no fuss!

Tomorrow we get to go and get him up from his nap, and then spend time with him in the afternoon. Officially we should leave just after tea, but seeing how things are going at the moment, we may end up been there later.

We both think that he is a cracking little boy, with a huge character. And I can't wait until we get him home now. Getting so very real and we are getting so very excited.


Barely Sane said...

The after nap experience is a good one. They (kids) are always a tad disoriented when they first wake up so it's good for him to see you guys when he's out of sorts.
Good luck - it sounds like you are making great headway. Soon, it wont just be visits!

Emily said...

Sorry if I missed it, but how long is the transition. you have every right to be very excited. Im excited for you. Enjoy Boy-o