Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Prep Course - Part 3

Another full day today, and one full of emotional and negativity.

This morning we had a social worker speak to us about attachment, she is also an adoptive parent, and because of her difficulties she decided she needed to know more about the issue of attachment.

We started off looking at a wall of needs, and how if some of the top bricks are missing a person can cope, but if the needs of an infant are not met how it's impossible to build a proper wall. I think this link - adoption UK the Wall shows it really well.

We looked at the circle of need - how most children have a need, protest, the need is met and then they relax. We talked about how some children have a need, protest, nothing happens, so they protest more and eventually give up - or may have response given in anger. How this can result in a negative view of the world - I am not okay, adults are not okay and the world is not okay.

We discussed the effects of poor attachment, we talked about avoidant, ambivalent and disorganised children. We talked about what we as adoptive parents we can start to do about it to help children. We briefly touched on the need for children to possibly regress and about theraplay and other types of therapy. The importance of trying to get those early missing bricks in place.

This afternoon was about abuse. The different types, what that actually means (examples) and the effects of abuse. The long term effects.

We also had a visit from a foster carer. She talked about the children that she has fostered - both the good and bad. She described how as a family they become attached to foster children, but when she hears that a child has a 'forever family' she starts to detach. She talked about how she prepares a child for adoption. How she takes photo and photo and collects everything to pass on to a child's forever family. How excited she feels when she hears that a child has a new permanent home.

There was a lot to day with today. I have only touched on the issues. I need to think and reflect more. I also need to do more reading!


DrSpouse said...

It's hard work, isn't it?

Eva said...

Wow. It seems as if you are really bein prepped. Good for you but I can how it would lead to brain overload. I'm learning a lot from you though. ;-)

Can you send me an email? I want to ask you something but I can't find your email on the site.

Lost in Space said...

Thanks for the description and link to the wall reference. That was a really great visual to better understand.

This day sounds like a pretty overwhelming one and it makes sense that you want to process it some more.

Thanks for sharing a glimpse with us. These classes you are taking sound so intense, but I wish I were able to take them too!