Tuesday, 23 February 2010


We had a meeting with a social worker this afternoon, following our prep course.

The comment that has been passed on M and myself is that we are quiet! I prefer to describe us as introverted thinkers... by which I mean that we will listen to hear a whole story rather than keep interrupting to ask pointless questions. If we have something to say, it'll be something relevant and if we have something to ask, it's because we've thought about it.

To be fair to the SW she did understand that not everyone is happy talking in groups. I feel it was particularly aimed at me, because I teach and therefore I am used to talking. I did explain that there is a difference between teaching and talking to fill silences. It's also difficult, because we will listen and then go home and talk about it.

We were told that we will probably be waiting until the end of April (at the earliest) to hear about our allocated social worker.

In the mean while - lots more researching to do... I want to find out more about the effects of alcohol and drugs pre-natally (is that even a word?). I want to do more research about the effects of neglect. I want to research more about the effects of abuse.


Lost in Space said...

I completely agree with your communication observations... We would be the "quiet couple" too.

Good luck with all the research.

SassyCupcakes said...

That's some full on research. I'd love to hear of any good helpful sites you find. Something that really worries me is RAD but I know that can often be overcome with the right therapy and support. It's all so scary though.

And I think the quiet people are the ones who are most prepared to adopt. I know in our info & education sessions the people asking most of the questions seemed to not really understand what we were talking about.

Eva said...

Ooooooooh! Please share your research. You have the same questions. I have. xo