Sunday, 30 March 2014

A quiet ending...

I have decided for the moment to leave this space, my reasons are real and varied and I am not about  to justify them.

I started this blog 6 years ago, when I was in a dark and sad place. This place still exists but is far smaller than it was. But it was where I was, and where I lived. This blog chronicles a journey from there, to here. But it isn't a place where I can empty my head like I once was able to.

Last year, I went back and removed some posts. They sit in draft form, where I can see them, but no-one else can. The reasons I did this are now multiplied, I interact with people on twitter that I know in real life and that number is growing. This space to empty my head, has many real thoughts, but some of them might hurt others. That was not the purpose of writing them, the purpose was to heal, and recover.

I have a new blog, not a space to empty my head, but a space to write about adoption, both positive and negative. I have a private space to empty my head, to continue in my journey of healing.

I never imagined walking away from this place, but it isn't what it was. My life has changed, but so have my aims in blogging. I need to leave this blog as a place of what was...and I may visit sometimes, but if it can't be what I need it to be, and it can't, I need to leave and start afresh.

And so a quiet ending, no big bangs and flashes. Life continues, in the darkest moments there is always hope, and hope continues.


Reagan and Trevor's Mommy said...

I will miss you and your posts. Best of luck to you in all that is to come. :-)

C said...

hugss NH....I have been away from all of the blogging too...Hope you stay happy :) You and your precious fmaily will always be in my thoughts.