Monday, 16 December 2013

Secret Santa

So The Adoption Social decided to allow us to give another adoption blogger a present, and receive one in return. The post below is a guest post written by Puffin Diaries, I think it's amazing and hope that you do to. I feel honoured to have the chance to share this post with you, as Sarah at Puffin Diaries is one of the people who started The Adoption Social, which has brought together an amazing community of bloggers and twitterati. 

The Boy by the Tree

I take a wooden reindeer and place it on the tree,

“This one is for my Nana and all she did for me”
The boy has chosen his first and reaches on up high,
“This one for my mum, I hope she is alright”.
The boys face reflected in the bauble,
All shiny round and gold,
He holds my heart in that tiny moment,
And for him I’d give the world.
He’s thinking of his lost mum and wonders does she care?
Will I see her one day, this world is so unfair.
A Gentle rub of back, to ensure he is okay, 
And offer of a chocolate, sweetness to allay, 
All the fear and sadness that sometimes can all only be,
Inside the head of the boy standing by the tree.


Caroline said...


That made my nose prickle!

The Adoption Social said...

Thank you so much for posting my poem. It's been great fun doing the secret Santa, and I'm so glad you got involved. I always love reading your blog so it is a real pleasure to have something featured on it. xx

Honeymummy said...

Wow that is a lovely poem. What wonderful gift (in more than one sense)