Friday, 6 August 2010

evening out

Yesterday evening M and I had a meal with some of the people that we met on the adoption preparation course. We had a lovely meal, and had good adoption discussions. A & P have just this week being approved; and we spent a lot of time talking about their panel, and what happened. We talked about how our home studies were going.

It seemed so odd, to be going and meeting people, that we had met in such odd circumstances. It is even funnier that M's dad knows the dad of one of them. However, it was a good thing to do, and we have all agreed to do it again sometime soon; and to keep doing it.


DrSpouse said...

Me again - I got back in touch with people who were on our course in about March (the course was last Sept) and while I'd love to hear from them again, no-one wrote back!

nh said...

That's sad - we had a really good time, talking it all over. We're already planning where we will go when we all have children!