Saturday, 26 December 2009


I had such a moment of clarity on Christmas Eve. I went to a Church Service, and I sat with my alternative family - my pseudo Mum & Dad, my pretend sister and her family. And I realised that, that moment will reflect the rest of my life. I may not share genetics with my future child/ren but they will be my family.

I have hope again, something that has been missing for a while. I have a future family. It may not happen in a traditional manner (although we bypassed traditional a while again), but we will have a family.


Eva said...

I'm glad your feeling hopeful. It's hard sometimes in the midst of all of the disappointment. So please hold on to that moment and that image of your alternate family. Good luck

Eva, from ILCW

Dawn said...

What a beautiful post. Yes, you wil be a mom regardless whether your children share your genes. Genetics doesn't define family. You and your husband don't share the same genes, but you ARE family.

Dawn at

Stacie said...

Hope is glorious thing. I am so happy you were able to find yours again. Good luck to you in February.

Here from ICLW.